Installation guide, Android

  1. Download and install the newest release from Google Play or here on the website.
  2. If you download from you must ensure that “Unknown Sources” is enabled under “Application settings” on your phone.
  3. First time you launch myRoster you must accept our Terms and Conditions.
  4. The app will create a calendar called “myRoster” on your google acount on the internet. When this calendar is synced back to your phone, you are ready to use myRoster. Syncing can either be done automatically (if enabled) or manually either via “Preferences” -> “Accounts” or in your calendar app’s preferences page.
  5. Prior to first roster download you must enter your employment number and SAS portal password on the preferences page. You can enter the preferences page by clicking on the top right icon on the front page.
  6. After a roster download the roster is visible on the “Raw Roster” page by clicking “RawRoster” on the top menu of the front page. It is also available in your myRoster calendar on your phone and among your Google calendars on internet (when synced).
  7. IMPORTANT: Even if your roster is retrieved and inserted in your calendar, it will not be visible in your calendar app if it is not marked as visible in the calendar app settings. Most calendar apps does not set new calendars as visible by default. So if you can not find your roster events after download:
    Open your calendar app.
    Select “Settings” and then ” Calendars”
    Scroll down to the calendar “myRoster” and make sure it is ticked off as visible.
  8. The calendar can be shared with whom you want by sending them the private ICAL address to the calendar. You find this by logging in on Select “Settings” – “Calendars” -“myRoster” and the the ICAL-square under “Private Address” toward the bottom of the page.

myRoster is free to try. After a 45 days trial period will have to open a subscription throgh Pay Pal. To subscribe go to

Hope you enjoy our product. Please contact us on in case of any problems.

In the near future we will also include crew lists and other airlines than SAS.